Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fixing up little things.

Babish, an all rounder of sorts, has become our new hatchet man to tackle all problems - be it electrical, plumbing and the works. He's also a good driver and has offered himself as a chauffeur as and when required. In the present environment, it's however, prudent to carry out a security clearance before banking on him totally.

He'd, by his visit this afternoon, sorted out certain electrical and plumbing defects. He seems to be very keen to chauffeur us in our Chevy as I could make out!

At Guruvayur,  many a time, one can get stymied by the non availability of the right skilled labourers because most of the good ones have migrated to the gulf countries in search of their pot of gold. It ends up in a situation that one has the money to get things done but without the wherewithal to zero in on suitable workers!

       *                                    *                                       *

Ramesh, the gardener, had fetched up around teatime to do his part of ship. The grassy patch in the courtyard had picked up a lot of weeds over time and so, he and his understudy, Ramesh, went about removing them systematically. Ramesh missed mom as he recalled the way she used to speak to him on arrival and to quote him, "She was so full of love and affection and would be satisfied only after seeing me have something to eat from the house!"

We've two palms in huge pots in our balcony and that variety of the plant also forms the staple diet for the elephants, so common in this temple town. One of them had sprouted its new shoot for more than two months which has not opened into a new leaf, as yet. Ramesh has an explanation for this quirky phenomenon and I quote, "Sir, the palm was giving you an advance warning about bad tidings that were about to happen".

From the numerous feedback that I've received, thus far, there were enough pointers and happenings that had taken place in the run up to mom's passing away and it seems that Dr. Jimmy and I were the only two who didn't catch on, ending up in disastrous consequences!


Why didn't I get the hint? It's this overwhelming feeling of guilt of having let her down, when she needed me most, that's gnawing away my innards! Should I've taken mom to the hospital earlier?........ But she had a consistent hate and fear of the hospitals, so much so, that her constant refrain to god was to keep her healthy enough to steer clear of them!! 

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