Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our second day at Kochi.

It was a leisurely morning with our interactions with my cousin and Ramakrishnan taking off from where we'd left last night. I, finally, got to see my grand aunt while she was having her breakfast of finely beaten oats. Her eyes were open, she kept gazing at us without even once letting us out of her sights but apart from that there were no reactions.

Reshmi, my cousin, had called up to say that Suresh's surgery was fixed for the 24th at the Amritha Institute of Medicine. They're off to Guruvayur for a 'darshan' at the temple.

After a slightly belated breakfast, the three of us had set off to pick up Lekha's footwear. My cousin had driven us around and we could pick up a belt  for me and Lekha's footwear from the Bata and the Mochi's. In the process, my cousin was also able to finish her long pending job of getting a couple of insoles for her shoes that she wore in the court! By about 12, we'd said bye to our cousin at her office and gone off back to Gandhinagar, where our car was parked in an Uber taxi.

Our next destination was my friend, Ramesh's place at Vyttila. The drive was short and smooth and we're there within about 15'. The security guy at the gate must have surely got exasperated by the dumbo - your's truly - who took an enormously long time to identify and park his car at an earmarked parking space for visitors. His curt description/directions were simply not deciphered!

It was a nostalgic walk down memory lane with Ramesh and Bindu. We'd, finally, fetched up at their fantastically located house on the 15th floor of the Kent's group of constructions, close to the Vyttila hub and in the process, met a couple of his friends and relatives. The dinner was at the 'Lokah' nearby, a nice and cosy restaurant beside the highway.

On return, it was a rundown about all our classmates - from Babu Syriac to Louis George - that went beyond our normal sleeping time.


A great experience! The noise of the frequent trains that passed by kept reminding me about life that was moving by at a hectic pace!   

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