Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Interesting developments.

1. Gut Bacteria and Alzheimer's Disease.

     Studies indicate that the gut bacteria may accelerate the development of the Alzheimer's disease,
     paving the way for therapies to prevent and treat the neurocognitive disorder. Since our gut
     bacteria have a major impact on how we feel through the interaction between the immune system,
     the intestinal mucous and our diet, the composition of the gut micro-organisms is of particular
     interest to the researchers in this field.

     The exact composition of the gut micro-organisms depends upon which bacteria we receive at
     birth, our genes and our diet. By studying both healthy and 'diseased' mice, the researchers of the
     Lund University of Sweden found that the mice suffering from Alzheimer's have a different
     composition of gut bacteria compared to the mice that are healthy. They also studied the disease
     in mice that completely lacked bacteria to test the relationship between intestinal bacteria and the
     ailment. Mice without bacteria had a significantly smaller amount of Beta-amyloid plaque in the
     brain. The Beta-amyloid plaques are the lumps that form at the nerve fibres in those afflicted with
     the ailment! A significant step towards the treatment of the dreaded illness!!

2. Flying Taxis.

    A model of a drone taxi was unveiled in Dubai, last Monday. The passenger-carrying drone will be
    buzzing through Dubai's skyline in July. The drone - the Chinese EHang 184 - is an egg shaped
    craft with four legs, each with two small propellers. The rider has to punch in a destination on a
    touch screen in the passenger seat following which the drone will fly there automatically.

3. Antarctica Lakes.

    Large hidden lakes beneath one of the planet's fastest moving glaciers on the edge of west
    Antarctica are draining out at an unprecedented rate. The ice mass known as the Thwaites Glacier
    is sliding unstoppably into the ocean, mainly due to warmer sea water lapping at its underside.
    The study found four interconnected lakes drained during the eight months from Jun '13 to
    Jan '14.


Tomorrow will see an Indian PSLV rocket launching 104 satellites into outer space that's gonna be an all time record. I'm waiting for that historical event!


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