Saturday, February 25, 2017

The anatomy of a pantomime.

Yesterday BJP leader, K Surendran had cried hoarse at a press conference that the Sangh Parivar will not allow the chief minister to reach Mangalore, today, to attend the 'harmony'(?) rally organised by the CPM. To give credence to his threat, he cited that the Sangh Parivar had traded blow for blow and murder with murder - all these years - with the CPM (A la MM Mani style who has been unusually quiet because his party has kept him under tight control to ensure that his verbal missiles do not fly off unnecessarily!)

Now this was a challenge that the chief minister had to take on especially after two incidents, of a similar nature, that had taken place in the recent past viz.:-

     (a) Return from Bhopal without attending a meeting organised by his sympathisers. He, however,
           had the advantage of blaming it on the BJP government out there, whom he claimed, had 
           conceded that his safety could not be assured if he decided to attend.
     (b) Return from New Delhi by the early morning flight, in another incident, when the BJP had 
           a rally against his government's policies and had wanted him to hold a meeting with them!

And so, he 'braved all odds' and took part in the meeting with the Karnataka State Government providing tight security - rightly so, as dictated by protocol - by having about 3,000 police personnel at the venue. With security being tight, the 'hartal' called by the Sangh Parivar had petered out. It's also the result of the strong sentiments of a sizeable section of the BJP leadership which felt that K Surendran had exceeded his brief for no rhyme or reason!

Having reached there, the chief minister had to thump his chest in victory and this is what he said:-

       (a) Earlier, he'd moved through their cordon of open knives and other lethal weapons without
             being affected both mentally or physically.
       (b) Had he not been the chief minister, no power on earth could stop him from doing what he

It's here that the ordinary Malayalee would like to remind you about a few factors, Mr. Chief Minister, which are:-

       (a) You've, unwittingly, played into the hands of the Sangh Parivar by saying, that, had you not
             been the chief minister, no one could prevent you from doing what you wanted. One can
             only conclude that you, too, follow the path of violence if and when it suits you.
       (b) Secondly, we, the common people of Kerala, had voted for your party because we thought
             that VS Achuthanandan would be the chief minister if the LDF came to power but had to
             helplessly watch you, usurping the Chief minister's chair through the dirty machinations
             between you, the state secretariat packed with your 'yes'men and the toothless politburo!


The games political leaders play. Ugh!

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