Thursday, February 23, 2017

Totally dramatic!

1. Finally, the guys have been nabbed.

    The two guys - Sunil Kumar and Vigeesh - remaining to be nabbed in the actress' molestation case     were finally in the police net by lunchtime today. Sunil Kumar is known as 'Pulsar' Suni because         that was the first vehicle he'd stolen in his life and after that he has been leading a colourful life as       a 'goonda'. And, he's all over the media these days......

    The guys had gone riding a Pulsar to the additional chief judicial magistrate's office at Ernakulam       around lunch time. Wearing white shirts and carrying black jackets - to pass off as lawyers, perhaps     - after parking the bike, the duo scaled the low wall and headed straight for the first floor                     courtroom, hoodwinking the police, to surrender to the court! Since it was the lunch recess and the     judge had retired into his chamber, the duo was nabbed by the police from the court room, dragged     into the vehicle, but not before facing resistance from a few lawyers who'd bolted the doors shut!

    Hope the case is cracked at the earliest.

2. Why politicise this?

    Soon after Narendra Modi had assumed the office of Prime Minister, one of the first steps that he'd
    taken was to replace the existing Planning Commission with an all encompassing new organisation
    called the 'Niti Ayog' and since then, it's this organisation that has been guiding the entire gamut
    of resource allocation and attendant features, looked after by the erstwhile Planning Commission.       The new system has been accepted by one and all.

    Today was the budget session of the Kerala Legislative Assembly and the Governor, in his speech
    outlining the government's policy, has announced that it will follow the Planning Commission and
    not the Niti Ayog. Firstly, the statement carries no meaning due to the scrapping of the organisation
    and secondly, it's the Niti Ayog that's involved with the apportioning of the resources. By saying
    that it doesn't recognise the new organisation, what is it that the LDF is trying to prove? Whom is
    the government trying to impress when it knows for sure that it has to do business with the new
    organisation in the interest of the state?

    Or is it a long shot effort to bring back the 'Planning Commission' in the fond hope of a political
    dispensation - acceptable to the communists - coming to power at the centre after the Lok Sabha
    elections of '19....... They sure are under estimating the Modi juggernaut!

    It's making a political statement that wouldn't pass scrutiny!


A quiet day when things went about as usual.

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