Monday, February 13, 2017

What a terrible day!

A Hartal Exclusively for Thrissur.

It was yet another 'hartal' in the district of Thrissur. A BJP man was hacked to death last evening! So, the buses weren't plying, the private vehicles started plying earlier in the morning only to stop completely by 9 o'clock, the schools and colleges were closed, most of the shops were shuttered......the entire Thrissur district had come to a grinding halt.

The maid called up Lekha to tell her about her inability to come by because there were no buses. Some nut - perhaps, a BJP sympathiser - at the electricity board office kept interrupting the power all through the forenoon and as luck would have it, our water motor seemed to miss a beat. So, the motor man was given an 'sos' who rushed in half an hour later, waited for the interrupted power to show up only to tell me at the end of it all that the motor was was one of those odd blips!

By evening, after 6, things were limping back to normalcy. By disrupting the day, what did the proponents of the 'hartal' achieve, I wonder? By my reckoning, the frequency of hartals in the district is two, bimonthly, causing immense grief and difficulty to the general public! But who cares?

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A Serious Doubt.

There's a Supreme Court order to relocate all liquor outlets that are within 500 mts of the national and state highways. It's this judgement of 15 Dec '16 that the state, now, wants to amend by asking for exemption of toddy, beer and wine from the list of liquors! 

Interestingly, according to Section 3(10) of the Abkari Act, "Liquor includes spirits of wine, arrack, spirits, wine, toddy, beer and all liquids consisting or containing alcohol".

Who's kidding whom? The answer isn't difficult to find!


1. Finally, the Supreme Court has annulled 634 doctors' MBBS degrees in Madhya Pradesh. This is the judgement on admissions obtained through a mass fraud called the 'Vyapam Scam' in that state.

2. Met the party man, 'Sakhaav' as I call him. He and his wife are poised to take off for Dubai on the 16th and as he candidly puts it, "to baby sit" as both, his son and daughter-in-law are working for IT companies. He's gonna be there for a month while his wife will be there for three months. They're replacing their daughter-in-law's grandmother who'd returned home recently. He goes on to add that the Dubai of today is quite unlike the Dubai, about 25 years ago, when he'd done a stint as a driver.

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