Sunday, February 19, 2017

News snippets.....

I've been following the news assiduously and here are some of the doubts that have crept into my mind. I shall share my misgivings with you:-

 (a) Fire in Bandipur Forest.

       It's dubbed as the fiercest forest fire over a decade. Due to a shortage of rainfall, the forest
       stretch on the Kerala - Karnataka border has gone dry and the fires rage on over an estimated
       3,000 acres. And mind you, it's a tiger reserve!

       Hope the forest guards have adequate and the latest fire fighting equipment and connected  
       safety mechanisms! Why aren't they using aerial fire fighting measures without fanning 
       the fire? I'm sure they have a valid reason not to be using that at this juncture!

 (b) No Toilets, No Nikah!

       The Moulavis  and muftis of the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab have
       collectively decided not to solemnise 'nikahs' of those families who did not have lavatories
       in their houses!

       A good decision, I must admit. I suppose the Prime Minister's call for 'Swachh Bharat', from
       the ramparts of the Red Fort on his first Independence Day speech is finding more and more

 (c)  A Case of Sour Grapes!

       China has voiced its opinion on the stupendous performance of the Indian Space Research
       Organisation when a record number of 104 satellites were launched by its rocket into outer
       space. "What's the use of launching satellites when hunger and poverty loom large in the
       country?", was the gist of the Chinese reaction.

       China has always been a spoilsport and its anti-India stance in almost every aspect is to be
       seen to be believed. It can be asked a counter, "Why is China indulging in massive military
       modernisation programme when its rural landscape suffers from poverty and lack of 
       development?" The irony is that our CPM comrades have decided to stutter around as 
       though they haven't heard it.  


The safety of women has once again become the topic of discussion, thanks to the Bhavana case. I only hope that it does not wind up in mere lip service, as has been in the past.

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