Saturday, February 18, 2017

Something that we ought to be ashamed about.

An incident has come to light wherein film actress, Bhavana was molested in her car while she was on her way from Thrissur to Kochi for the dubbing of a film. The incident happened on Friday night and the sequence of events - that had all the ingredients of a celluloid thriller - were as follows:-

      * The actress's car, an Audi, hit from behind by a Tempo Traveller at Athani near Angamali.
      * Martin, the driver, stops the car.
      * Three men enter her car and start abusing her and Martin gets into the Tempo Traveller.
      * She's manhandled, abused and molested in the moving car and they also shoot a video.
      * The whole 'tamasha' goes on, supposedly, for an hour or so.
      * As they reach Kochi, the goons leave her and Martin once again, gets behind the wheel.
      * Martin drives the car straight to film director, Lal's house who lodges a police complaint.

The police investigations are on.

Stories are rife in the social media that the actress had fallen foul with a Malayalam film hero, when she'd let his wife know about his shenanigans with a young actress. He'd got after her and using his clout, blocked many of her chances in the new movies that were on offer!

Was he the villain of the piece, orchestrating the cheap drama through a quotation gang? Sad!  

As someone among them had said not very long ago, "In this industry the villains were gentlemen while some of the heroes were villains in real life!"

The Reactions to the Army Chief's Call.

The recent call by the Army Chief that the stone pelters and the guys who fly the ISIS/Pakistani flags, in Jammu and Kashmir would be treated as anti-nationals have not gone well with the people who're on the opposite side. Why a few of the political leaders and a section of the press have taken it as an affront is something that beats me. Don't these people give any value to the security forces who have been losing their lives almost regularly to the terrorist attacks?

The less said about the shameless separatists, the better.


Why do such things happen in this country?

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