Monday, February 6, 2017

The games politicians play.......

Let's go through the news in circulation and try to make out the meaning.

 (a) The Parliament is in a logjam yet again.

       As has become the trend, the current session of Parliament is gonna go for a washout. The
       reason seems to be clear, don't allow the government to transact business and get the credit.
      A few points have become crystal clear which are:-

           (i) The finance minister can pat himself on the back. His budget seems to be good because
                none of the opposition parties have any observations against it.
          (ii) Mr. E Ahamed, the MP from Kerala who'd passed away last week, must be very happy
                wherever he is now. Political parties of all hues have suddenly found a fondness for him
                while they showed scant respect to him during his entire lifetime.
         (iii) And having said that, was there any prodding from the government/bureaucrat to the RML
                Hospital management for those unnecessary sequence of events?

  (b) Tamilnadu, witness to yet another ignominy.

        Just 63 days after Jayalalitha's passing away, her maid, Sasikala has the temerity to make a bid
        for chief ministership. What are her qualifications, one wonders? Don't these guys,
        Panneerselvam and others have the spine to stand by their opinions? Thankfully, the following
        aspects might not let her get into the chair that easily:-

             (i) The rank and file of the AIADMK party are virtually split in the middle regarding their
                  loyalty for Sasikala.
            (ii) The Supreme Court is set to give the verdict on the 'disproportionate assets' case on
                  Jayalalitha and Sasikala, a week from now.
           (iii) The governor has made it clear that he wasn't administering the oath of office to
                  Sasikala and her new set of ministers, tomorrow.

   (c) CPM vs. CPI.

        Not all is well between the CPM and the CPI in Kerala. The fight has come out in the open
        in the ongoing students' strike(Barring the SFI) at the Kerala Law Academy and against its
        Principal, Lakshmi Nair. The war of words and differences in perceptions have been going
        on since the last Assembly elections. A recap:-

             (i) The CPI wanted Achuthanandan to be made the chief minister because it was he, who'd
                  garnered the votes that contributed to the ultimate success of the LDF. Post-elections,
                  the party had dumped him and gave his bete noire, the coveted post.
            (ii) Soon after the government came to power, the CPI had made it clear that it was against
                  the Athirapally Power Project because of environmental reasons.
           (iii) When two top Maoists were killed in a police encounter at Nilambur, the CPI had
                  strongly condemned the police action.
           (iv) The CPI had objected to MM Mani's criticism of the revenue and forest ministers who
                  are its representatives in the ministry.
            (v) Minister AK Balan's praise for former CPI ministers, KP Rajendran and Benoy Viswam
                 to put down the current ministers also didn't go well with the CPI.
           (vi) The ongoing tussle between the chief minister and the CPI's state secretary, Kaanam
                  Rajendran over the publication of cabinet decisions under the RTI Act.
          (vii) In the Law Academy issue, while CPI insists on tough measures, the CPM wants to
                  go soft on the management.

        It will be interesting to note as to how their differences will be amicably settled!


My throat is still not all right after a five day course of antibiotics.  


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