Friday, February 10, 2017

The 'finding' of the misplaced key.

Last month, Jitesh, the carpenter, had provided locking arrangements for the wardrobes in each of the three bedrooms. About a fortnight back, I'd locked the wardrobe in mom's room and placed the key at a safe place. The funny thing was that it was such a safe place that I'd forgotten as to where I'd placed it, subsequently. My mind was totally blank and as a result, every place was searched including the normal place that we usually used to keep it.

Clothes were taken out, each piece separated just in case I'd kept it in between the bunch. Occasionally, I used to get instant wisdom that I should check a particular place - like, within my jeans or within the pillow covers, used in that bedroom - and I used to rush to do that only to draw a blank, each time. Today was the last day that I'd given to myself for the retrieval of the key just after checking in the dash of our Chevy - yes, I do have these flights of imagined safety and many-a-time carry out 'seamless work' when one merges with the other and anything that I've in my hand at that point of time, would be left in the new place that I'd gone into........mind going berserk, huh?

About three months back, I'd similarly misplaced one of the three keys of the house and Lekha and I had gone around searching for it but to no avail. We'd almost given up the idea of retrieving it when the maid, while at cleanship discovered it last week, behind the eight bulky volumes of the 'Mahabhaagavatham' kept at the mantelpiece in the dining hall!

This morning while trying to take a handkerchief for use, I'd taken the neatly packed bundle from the drawer just below the locked out wardrobe - I've this habit of picking up the bottom most to ensure that every piece was used in its order and not restricting myself to using the top one only, leaving the others rarely used - and presto, found the key in between two pieces. A helluva place for safekeeping leaving the protagonist in the dark as to where he'd kept it!

It was a 'great' discovery as I was about to call up the carpenter for busting the lock to replace it with a new one.


Dementia setting in or something more vigorous like Alzheimer's?  

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