Sunday, August 6, 2017

A day of not feeling good!

Got up to a general feeling of illness. The medicines have been started just about 12 hrs back, therefore, to expect immediate redress was simply, misplaced hope. The cough continued with no let up and therefore, skipped breakfast - actually, was in no mood to have it and had plenty of warm water at periodic intervals! That saved the day, perhaps, as by late afternoon, I was feeling hungry and in a mood to have something to eat.

Yoghurt and pickle were a tantalising proposition and I'd a decent fill of the gruel. My folks had come by for lunch and couldn't believe that I was down in the dumps! Each one of them had come upstair bedroom - I'd established myself to a self styled quarantine to avoid contagion - to look me up while I was fast asleep.

By tea time, my face had a better hue and I'd a fairly large mug of tea along with a snack. I'd got up from the bed and even mustered up the strength to see a few of the stragglers at the gate. The intensity of the cough had come down and the taste buds had begun to be active.

        *                                *                               *

Had kept myself active by browsing and replying mail that had cluttered up and attending to calls that were continuous and ever flowing. It gave a nice feeling when people showed their concern and gave me medical advice covering all branches of medicine! It was definitely overwhelming!!

         *                                *                               *

I was wondering as to whether our stay - Lekha's and mine - at Indira kunjamma's place was obtrusive and as to whether they felt the 'burden' of catering(?) to our needs. My decision was simple - every relative stays for the first four to five days and goes back to their routine, housely chores. It's, then, that the people who've suffered the loss feel uneasy because many of the things in the house remind them about the deceased - the bigger the house, the greater would be the fear factor. In fact, I'd asked Indira kunjamma and her daughters about this dilemma that was churning within me. The answer was enlightening, "Rajeev, how do I thank you for your decision to give us company when we need it most. Your and Lekha's presence within the house has pepped up our confidence and removed the fear factor! Our only sadness is that we can't provide you with non veg foods that you, both, are fond of!


It took all my powers of reasoning, to convince them, that food was the last priority as far as we're concerned.     

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