Thursday, August 10, 2017

News views.

A quick round up about the news and certain personal highlights of the day.

 1. China's Doklam Strategy.

      The Chinese press has been on the offensive ever since the Doklam stand off had begun. The
      latest poser is as to what would India do if the dragon nation were to enter Kashmir or Kalapani.
      It's offensive and just not it that the Chinese government is trying to test the
      draught of our current national leadership?

      I hope that our government sends out a clear message that it cannot be messed with!

  2. Is Dileep Finally Getting bail?

      The fallen-from-grace-Malayalam-actor-Dileep has started getting favourable noises from
      certain quarters of late. The cine artistes' organisation, AMMA, has been deafeningly silent
      against its usual tendency to be in the limelight by making some statement or the other. The
      superstars usually figuring on the daily mastheads, cutting ribbons and pontificating over weighty
      issues are suddenly conspicuous by their absence.

      Are they embarrassed that the common man has understood that many of them do not deserve
      their unbridled love and adulation?

  3. Meeting with people.

      It has been great, meeting people from all walks of life while being with my cousin who's in
      mourning. This evening, a colleague of her's surprised me when she addressed me as 'chetta' and
      even inquired about Bruno! She happens to be my sister, Rema's, classmate and used to be a
      regular visitor to our house while studying at the Women's College at Vazhuthacaud. The poor
      thing is badly diabetic!

      Amazing to know that life style diseases are wreaking havoc on people at comparatively young


Has my cough perked up again? The phlegm, definitely, has shown an increase. Wonder why? 



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