Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A ruthless world sans ethics, feelings and sense of togetherness.

This is a sad story that highlights the fact that if you've wayward children, you'd end up cursing yourself for having brought those ungrateful wretches into this world!

It's the story of a lady, the third daughter of a legendary figure - past mid 70s in age - who has two daughters. Her husband had passed away in Nov '11 thanks to a cardiac ailment. The eldest daughter stays in the same town but is unable to look after her mom because:-

    * She never showed any inclination to do error in perception that her parents were more
       favourably inclined towards her younger sister.
    * Her husband and son do not entertain such an arrangement. Sadly, they strut around as decent(?)
       gentlemen in the society that they're familiar with!

The old lady has been staying with the younger daughter till yesterday. In fact, she cannot survive without having this daughter in her sight, even for a moment. A necessary input at this juncture is that there has been an opacity in the way the mother was being handled. A retired officer of a semi-governmental organisation, she liked to move around visiting temples and attending functions of the organisation, named after her father. It was this free movement of her's that was curtailed as she was forced to remain within the four walls of the house - for no rhyme or reason - one fine day. She used to be locked up in the house after her daughter, her husband and daughter went out for work/school. Imagine the havoc it would have caused on her mental faculty over a period of time.

What the perpetrators of this dastardly act did not anticipate was that nature would step in! The way it has is unbelievable to fathom but the active-old-lady-bound-in-captivity-of-sorts developed dementia, within no time. The resulting situations used to be narrated by the younger daughter to the immediate family with her dose of fiction and falsehoods. To sample a few:-

      * Her appetite is insatiable as she eats up anything and everything that is kept - be it in the fridge
         or within the kitchen.
      * She has lost toilet habits with the effect that she passes stool anywhere and everywhere within
         the house.
      * To the frequent demands from the larger family to have a home nurse employed to attend to the
         old lady's needs - she gets a handsome monthly pension along with that of her husband that
         goes into that daughter's kitty, naturally - the younger daughter finally had relented. Soon alibis
         had come in thick and fast one stayed on for too long because:-

                - the old lady used to shower the choicest of abuses and send them packing.
                - most of them couldn't come to terms with her toilet habits!

It needs to be understood that while emphasising that the old lady suffers from the Alzheimer's disease and knowing fully well that she requires loving care, attention and constant company, she has been kept locked up in the house everyday with no one in attendance - all these days! 

If this is not cruelty, waywardness and insensitivity - all rolled into one - what is?


The twist in the tale is about the old lady's toilet habits because she's on a strict diet regimen. Then why the hell is she passing stool, all through the day? Isn't there a fiction in the narrative? 


One has no right to dump one's parents into old age shelters because of their infirmity. Looking after them is a duty that every child has to perform with perseverance, pride and satisfaction. It's my sincere hope that all concerned would rectify their errors, so that the old lady is retrieved from her present state forthwith..  

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