Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Adieu Thampi chetta!

Had come to know from the obit column of the day's newspaper that Thampi chettan, all of 92 years, had passed into the mist of time. He'd passed away due to a short illness but understand that he didn't suffer at all.

RV Thampi was the owner of 'Kalpar', on the Easwara Vilasom Road, Thiruvananthapuram where PN Panicker and his large family had stayed for about 17 long years, from '63. Those halcyon days of my childhood can never be forgotten where I and my cousins, along with the children of the neighbourhood, had spent on the huge courtyard and grew up in that carefree environment. Among the frequent visitors, those days, was the immaculately dressed, cologne fragrant, dark rimmed spectacled, back strapped leather footwear wearing Thampi chettan. He seemed to prefer wearing an off white terrylene half sleeved shirt those days. He was, then, the PRO of the Western India Plywoods, Baliapatam.

A classic example of a style icon!

Years later, he had dropped in at my place at the Tarangin Apartments, Ernakulam and was quite delighted at having spent time with us, recounting to many about the wonderful time that he'd at our place. He'd promised to come and meet me again as I progressed in my career - a sincere well wisher.

RIP Thampi chetta. My tears and prayers.

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The first visitors today were Baby chechi - Santhan kochachhan's youngest sister - and her daughter, Jalaja. They're avid followers of my blogs and for that singular reason, I adore them. It was nice to meet up with them after what has been a long time.

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Lekha's continuing abdominal cramps has become a source of worry. She says that it's because of the snack that she'd last evening. The medications were continued through out the day and she seemed to be okay by the end of the day. I shall, however, keep my fingers crossed!


My cough has got muted but the phlegm continues to persist, wonder why? 

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