Saturday, August 12, 2017

Suresh's 16th day ceremony.

The day had begun early. The day's 'karmi', Manoj was brought, from Ettumanoor, by Aravi maman who had begun his work in right earnest, on arrival. Kripa-shankar went through the paces without making any error. After the ceremony was over, we'd gone to the Sankhumugham beach to dispose off the offering into the sea. We're overseeing everything that the youngster was doing without getting wet by the lapping waves.

Wonder whether it was Suresh's soul that had got naughty but a lone, stronger wave quickly washed ashore, drenching all of us in the process!

By the time we'd returned from the beach, it was time for lunch and the entire lot assembled there went through it in turns. It was also an occasion to meet up with everyone.

      *                                 *                                  *

Sindhu, my cousin and her husband did meet me to fill in with their side of the events. Considering the vagaries in her toilet behaviour, the doctor had suggested a change of environment for a few days to retrieve her mom from the errant behaviour. It seems to have worked, in that, a change was discernible after getting into the geriatric ward of the hospital.

We've fixed up for a meeting with Santhi, her sister, tomorrow to bring further plans to clarity.

       *                                *                                   *

After taking permission from Indira kunjamma, Resmi and Kripa-shankar, we tried the rail reservation for our return to Guruvayur, tomorrow. After a lot of jugglery, Lekshmi was able to put us on the Kerala Express. Thus, that action was also put to its logical conclusion.

       *                                *                                   *

An evening drive to the beach and places around was a good balm for the mind that had gone numb over the past few days. The three children, Madhavan(Class XII), Krip-shankar(Class XI) and Ramu(Class IX) had a ball and their boisterousness kept Sabu, at the wheel and me, peppy.


It was a comparatively late night! 

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