Thursday, August 3, 2017

A foray into the town.

There were a few things that had to be done before our trip to Thiruvananthapuram tomorrow. Went about each of them and finished it to my liking. On return at our enclave there was this taxi that was parked, blocking the entrance. I really get angry when professional drivers do this - except for the fact that someone does it for casualty evacuation/to facilitate geriatric movement. I found that this guy was just playing dirty and on top of that, he seemed to be in an animated conversation with someone over the telephone. My gesticulations helped and he backed his car all too slowly or was that my perception....somehow I seemed to be smarting for a fight.

Anyways, better sense had prevailed and I headed for my porch. Since the vehicle had raindrops all over it, I gave it a good wipe with the towel and got it clean all over again. It doesn't look good to have a dirty car parked in your porch, you know.

The customary walk in the evening was nice just after a good shower. It was speedily executed followed by the floor exercises and yoga. As I was finishing the serial, Ajith, my class mate, had called up from Thiruvananthapuram to ascertain as to whether his friend - who stays in the immediate neighbourhood. In fact, he'd mentioned about him during our trip for the Old Boys' Day - could call on us. Though we're in the process of shutting down the house I gave him the green signal. And about 15' later, Damuettan had fetched up at our outer gate. I'd accompanied him to 'The Quarterdeck' from there.

It was an interaction for about half an hour and we parted with a promise to meet up after my return. He wouldn't have anything and in the heat of the conversation, I'd missed out on a host's niceties! I suppose Damuettan - a trifle above 70 yrs of age - understood it!! Saw him off up to the outer gate.


It was a late evening, as usual, as we'd to view the 'Crime Patrol Dial 100' on Sony television. Another of those thrilling police diaries.  

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