Saturday, August 26, 2017

To Thiruvananthapuram.

It was a leisurely grooming but I'd got up on the dot at 6. Lighting of the lamp with the devotional music playing on the television reminded me of the good 'ole days. We went through our chores and commenced the winding up of Raj Nivas. Breakfast of dosas, 'running' chutney and sambar was wolfed down by about a half past 8 and the packing was over soon after. Things were stowed away at their respective places and the luggage was put into the boot.

Had my farewell conversation with my parents at their cremation site, as usual. I'd been briefing them about our programme everyday. I must admit that it gives me great satisfaction because I'd like to believe that they're present there, all the time.

We kicked off for Letha's - Lekha's sister - house at 12. As lunch was getting ready, Vishnu and Jayakrishnan of the JSS, Kollam had come to collect my signatures on the cheques to facilitate the withdrawal of the September payroll and festival bonus for the staff. It was a scrumptious lunch and we'd a good fill. By 2 we're off to Thiruvananthapuram and since the traffic was light, we're at Suresh's place by teatime. Sindhu's dad, Madhavan Nair sir was out in his garden, plucking flowers for his evening prayers. The sight took me back in time and reminded me about my grandparents, parents.

Tea and yakkitiyak followed. We left for the Trivandrum Club by a quarter to 7 to be at the wedding reception of Vishnu and Ileana. There were a whole lot of friends, classmates and schoolmates with whom there was a wide interaction. We wound up at about a half past 9 and returned from the venue after a nice evening.

Vijayakumar and Anita had drop,ped by and we'd another round of discussions before we said our byes with a promise to meet again at Savio's daughter's wedding reception at Kochi on 07 Sep.


Earlier on fetching up at Suresh's place Sindhu had observed that Lekha looked tired and insisted that she rested prior to the evening's function. It was then that I realised that our juggernaut had been on the roll for the last eight days and I'd not bothered to find out as to whether the strain was telling on Lekha. Hope it hasn't. She hates dozing off while I drive but this afternoon, during our drive from Kottarakkara, she was flaked out for a while. The hectic schedule had worn her down? Did feel guilty.    

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