Saturday, August 5, 2017

Remembering Ammachi and Muthachhan on her remembrance day

Had got up at 5 and was getting ready for our trip to Thiruvallam, along with Maman. We're there by a half past 7 and on time for the ceremony. I'd also wanted to do the ceremony for my paternal grandparents and had called up Ramadasan Kochachhan, at Nasik to find out about the date of their deaths which was 14 Feb and the Malayalam star was. But it was not to be as each individual could only take two tokens!

I was reminded of Appooppan being being very cross with me for not writing him a letter from school while I'd written to Muthachhan! Both the grandfathers used to boast of their grandson and how close he was to them. Appooppan was incensed that he did not get my letter!

This time, too, I'd to silently do the ceremonies for them and it looked very conspiratorial! We'd finished the ceremony and were off from the Parasurama temple by a half past 8. Breakfast was at Indira kunjamma's and soon after, my man, Friday from the JSS, Kollam had arrived on the dot by 10 to get my signatures on the three cheques. I'd asked him to have the accounts whetted by Lekha which was what Maman had always wanted. I suppose he was satisfied this time!

I'd returned to Indira kunjamma's house soon after and I could feel that the bug has caught on and the cough was bad. Lekshmi, my cousin, had taken me to the homeopath, nearby and was put on medicines. Rajesh was a nice doctor with excellent bedside manners and he seemed to be all full of praise for Reshmi who'd taken care of Suresh through thick and thin!

The night was bad with sleep being elusive because the sofa wasn't comfortable. I'd then shifted to our bedroom on top and sleep, thankfully, made its arrival. The cough was persistent and bad.....

I find that there's a tremendous sense of satisfaction among Indira kunjamma and her daughters that Lekha and I were with them at this point of time as they had their own fears and doubts, in the current situation.


A satisfying day! 

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