Monday, August 7, 2017

Another quiet day.

Am recuperating slowly but steadily with the harshness of my cough reducing and the feeling of illness wearing off. Though my appetite has pepped up I'd controlled the intakes and consequently, felt a lot better by the end of the day. As I said, a residual cough at longer intervals and the after taste of an immediately past fever were all that remained after the agony of the last couple of days!

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I can see the young man, Kripa-shankar, trying to cope with the loss of his father. This evening I'd the privilege of seeing him interact(?) with his dad after lighting up a few incense sticks at the spot where his dad's mortal remains were stowed at the courtyard of their house. "Hi, Achha, how're you up there? I miss you terribly......." the monologue had gone on. It was touching, it was his innocence at play!

I was told as to how a tearful Kripa-shankar had insisted upon the shroud to be reopened just to see his dad one last time, at the time of the funeral - he'd draped the shroud a few minutes earlier at the instructions of the 'karmi'. A reluctant 'karmi' had to bow down to the wishes of the tearful, insistent lad and had opened up the shroud! I'm pretty sure that there were no eyes that weren't moist at that point of time among the folks that were present at the site!!

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Rema and Mini gave us the glad tidings that Sanil wants the latter to get back to Bangalore at the earliest. That's a change from his earlier stand that she could be with their daughter and son-in-law. I wouldn't like to dwell upon much as to why the turn around has come about. Probably, the lonely existence of the last one month must have made him review his earlier decision but it's good that he'd come around to the decision himself!

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Suresh's nephew, Chinju, had dropped by a trifle after tea time. I could give him a list of medicines that were required. Earlier, Lekha had developed her old lower abdominal cramps and she'd to be administered the pain killer, prescribed for the purpose by the surgical specialist of the Elite Mission hospital. It was the last tablet and could be replenished thanks to Chinju running the errand for us...damn sweet of him.


The late Chandrankutty annan's - Sasi kochachhan's elder brother - son and his wife had dropped by in the evening. He'd introduced me to his wife by saying that I was the role model(?) in his younger days. And I'd to let him into the incident when his dad had become mine. I was poised to go for pilot's training during Spring '76 and my parents had got all the stuff ready except for a watch with an illuminated dial. Hearing the conversation, Chandrankutty annan, without any hesitation, had removed his watch and handed it over to me and took my 'HMT Sona', in lieu! How can I ever forget that great soul? 

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