Saturday, August 19, 2017

A day of traffic snarls.

Our day had begun at a half past 5 and it was rains all the way. As it continued to pour we changed our initial plan of boarding the low floor bus from the road transport corporation stand at the west gate of the temple and had alerted George. He seemed to be caught up with something and had sent Murali instead along with his car.

We set off from our house by a half past 9 and got caught in three traffic snarls within Thrissur - first, at Puzhakkal, thanks to the traffic moving into Sobha city, the second on the rail over bridge at Punkunnam and the third, off the Jubilee Mission hospital! We lost about half an hour at the first and about 20' each at the second and at the third. You can imagine as to how they must have contributed to rising blood pressure and frayed nerves.

It, indeed, was a rainy day throughout and traffic was at its worst and we reached the airport with about 20' to spare. It was nice meeting up with Prabha, my cousin and our friends, Jojy and Saly. The flight was on time and we reached Bangalore by a half past 2. My cousin's friends had come to pick her up and we, too, bundled on along with them. That was yet another journey to nowhere thanks to the bad traffic snarl from Hebbal and beyond. After a nice refreshment at a wayside vegetarian stall, we continued with our harrowing journey. I'd notified our changed itinerary to Mohan with whom we're gonna stay for the next two days.

It was, incidentally, raining in the city and it seemed as though we'd brought it, all along from Kerala!

Since it was already a half past 4, we altered our plans and got dropped at the YMCA, where my cousin had her accommodation. After a quick wash and change, as we're about to leave for the venue of the wedding reception, came the biggest blow....a huge tree had broken on to the main road that skirted our building and the traffic had come to a grinding halt. The venue, just two kms away, now looked too far to reach. Finally, one of the bell boys, Basavaraj took pity on us and helped us with our luggage to a parallel street beyond the next junction and helped us to board an auto rickshaw. He came in like an angel, out of nowhere..........but poor Lekha and Prabha had to walk that distance.

We, ultimately, reached the venue late by about half an hour but it was great meeting up with class mates, course mates and their families. I was meeting Thapa, a course mate, for the first time after passing out of the Academy. The bonhomie, the back thumping, the hugs and the conversation went on and on. We wished the young couple, Vinay and Ann and had a group snap with them that had all the classmates with their families bunched up!

The drive to Mohan's house on the Sarjapur road was a long one but the traffic had melted and driving through was nice. It was a comparatively late evening.


1. Prabha was a close friend of both the mothers - the bride's and the bridegroom's. Remembered Jaya, who wasn't amid us!
2. It was great seeing Sujatha, the late Vinod Kumar Vasudev's wife and Parvathy, their daughter. Felt very nice and had a long chat.        

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