Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The midweek musings.

Going through some of the news bytes of the past few days, there are quite a few queries that arise. So, here I go:-

   (a) The Troops' Stand off at Doklam.

         Since the stand off began on 16 Jun, China has come out saying that the strength of the Indian
         troops at Doklam has been reduced from 400 to 40 whereas India has stated that it hasn't. Now,
         somebody is telling lies. How do we know it? Over a period of time, I suppose.

         If we've backed off it will be damn sad. Only hope that China is lying!

   (b) The Steadily Marginalised Hurriyat's Last Hurrah?

         Hurriyat separatists of Kashmir have been exposed to be piling on the moolah and wealth at
         the expense of the gullible people of Jammu and Kashmir. Caught on the back foot, they've
         given a call to the people of Kashmir to protest the killing of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists, Abu
         Dujana and Arif Lilhaari.

         The discrediting of the Hurriyat two timers is a must to get the Kashmiris out of their slumber
         and to remove their blind faith in them.

    (c) The Congress' Sad Plight.

          Once upon a time, it was the smaller and more often, the regional political parties that used to
          take their legislators into safe havens(?) lest they be poached by the other parties. It's now the
          turn of the Congress party to safe-haven its 44 MLAs from Gujarat in a resort in Karnataka.
          Can't help but feel bad at its plight that's been a direct consequence of its shenanigans while
          the party was in power.

          What happens if it loses in the Rajya Sabha elections? A double whammy because Ahmed
          Patel is Sonia Gandhi's personal choice and hatchet man!


Ravi was the chauffeur for our afternoon trip to Lekha's ophthalmologist. He fondly remembered my mom since he'd come to us after a long lapse. His leg seems to be giving him trouble but he said that he was quite happy to ferry us which was made possible due to George being down with fever.

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