Friday, August 4, 2017

At Thiruvananthapuram.

The day had begun at 5 with a steady rain from about a half past 3 onward. Both of us had got up around that time to ease ourselves. Since sleep was a bit reluctant to come by, I recited my prayers and had drifted off to sleep only to be woken up by the alarm that was set for 5. We went through our chores and were ready when Anto, with his auto, was ready outside the gate. As we got into the vehicle, our neighbours had returned after their morning visit from Guruvayur and so could brief them about our trip to Thiruvavananthapuram - a thing that we do as a matter of routine!

       *                              *                               *

Thankfully, the rains had held while we're boarding the bus - the quarter to 7 super fast to Vyttila hub via Kodungalloor. Lekha'd picked up a couple of snacks to tide over the breakfast pangs as we hurtled towards Kochi. We reached the destination by about 10 after a harrowing 40' traffic snarl short off the Varappuzha bridge. A quick visit to the rest room, collection of another couple of snacks and the 1040 hrs low floor bus to Thiruvananthapuram had come into the bus bay and boy, it was jam packed. Since the seats were unable, I quickly had Lekha sit at the raised platform meant for the stowage of the luggage! The conductor, Nizam, put me at ease saying that all the seats would fall vacant by the time the bus reached Alappuzha and just short of reaching there, he nudged me to occupy the seats and seeing him do that, the passengers had cleared off to facilitate us to occupy them!

       *                               *                               *

Lunch was at the KTDC's Motel Aram past Kayankulam. We'd a traditional lunch - that was bland - and were soon hurtling towards Thiruvananthapuram. We're at my aunt's house by 5 and began interacting with people who kept dropping by. The input for me was that I could not go for my grandparents' annual ceremony staying at my aunt's house where a death had taken place! So, after a quick dinner, I'd gone off to Maman's place to spend the night in an Uber taxi, arranged by li'l Kripa-sankar! Chambu, was as usual, excited seeing me and we'd a bit of interaction before we knocked off for the night.


Earlier, had interacted with Gopu and Sathi who'd dropped by in the course of the evening. It was nice catching up with them.    

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