Sunday, March 9, 2014

An uneasy Sunday!

A Sunday that had a fair share of bad news. A nightmarish weekend for many! Or a trend of the times? Without much ado, let me run through a few shocking incidents that caught our attention during prime time television.

 (a) Flight MH 370.

 The ill-fated flight of the Malaysian Airlines - a Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft - with 239 people on
 board had taken off from Kuala Lumpur at 1621h(GMT Friday) and was slated to land at Beijing
 at 2230h(GMT Friday) is feared to have crashed into the South China Sea. No further information
 has been forthcoming, except for the fact that two of the passengers have been travelling on fake
 EU passports, which have prompted the investigators to look into the terror angle.

 My heart goes out to the families of the passengers who must be going through a horrid weekend 
 for no fault of theirs.

 (b) Depravity.

 An English teacher, Brittni Colleps, 28 from Texas accused of having group sex with four of her
 students - all aged 18 - has been found guilty of the charges and sentenced to five years
 imprisonment. An example of depravity and the unfortunate part was that the romp was carried out
 at her home when her husband, an Armyman and her children were away.

 The ways of the Kaliyug, what else can such acts be classified under?

 (c) Our smug defence minister.

 It's ironic that AK Antony, the defence minister, has patted himself on the back for his excellent
 record and cited quite a few examples. How does one tell him that his performance must be judged
 by the others? Doesn't he know this basic fact or is he trying to assure himself of the fact that all that
 has happened thus far - during his long tenure of seven years - till the recent resignation of the naval
 chief has no bearing on the way he and his bureaucrats had run the country's defence apparatus? 

 He can be 'personally' clean but his integrity is in doubt because he has benefited from the corrupt
 system that has placed him on that pedestal and don't tell me that he's not aware of the systemic rot.
 And he's to take responsibility for the state of defence preparedness - the delay in the submarine
 acquisition programme being just one among the many factors!


A day that many would like to forget!

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