Friday, March 7, 2014

The crisis in Ukraine.

1. The second largest state in Europe is in an existential crisis. A break up of the country along
 political, linguistic and ethnic lines has become a frightening possibility and what it seems to be
 sadly lacking is imaginative leadership. The background to the crisis can be traced back
 to the three month public occupation of the Euromaidan in Kiev which gathered momentum thanks
 to the then President Yanukovich's decision to postpone the signing of an Association Agreement
 with the European Union.

2. Its southern province of Crimea is slowly 'hotting up' as a potentially dangerous place as the big
 powers of the world want to stake their claim in the region. The fact is that the region with its
 complex ethnic mix and historical past has traditionally been close to Russia. Ukraine and Russia
 have a treaty, since the break up of the Soviet Union, that allows the latter to station its Black Sea
 Fleet in Sevastopol.

3. The plans of the United States, the European Union and Russia to bring the country under their 
'area of influence' will make matters worse. And for starters there are two activities that are slated in  
the next few months which will cause great agony to the Ukrainians:-

    (a) the interim government in Kiev has announced elections for a new government on 25 May,
          an exercise that's being boycotted by Crimea.
    (b) a referendum in Crimea on 15 Mar as to whether to stay within Ukraine or to join up with

4. Is Ukraine going the same way as Syria? What about respecting the genuine aspirations of the people of Ukraine?


My cousin's mom was going through a bout of excruciating pain. I, as an onlooker, could just watch on helplessly.


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