Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Et tu Brutus?

Every generation is expected to usher in a freshness of thought and ideas for the betterment of the people. It, therefore, becomes incumbent on the freshers entering the political arena to dump the past that everyone's been crying about. To achieve that, it's very important that they do not carry the baggage of their forefathers'.

'Reservation' on government jobs for the dalits was a noble thought on the part of our forefathers to bring up the 'not-so-fortunate', downtrodden population which had long suffered from the oppression and the exploitation of the privileged classes simply because of the accident of their births in lower castes. And it was supposed to have been tapered off after a decade of independence when it was estimated that the dalits would have had the necessary impetus to gain an advantageous position in society.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. The compulsions of vote bank politics saw successive governments hang on to the 'reservation' policy and ridiculously increase the 'quota' system, so much so that the forward castes have been left with very less vacancies for themselves. Many of the castes clubbed under the heading of the Other Backward Communities(OBCs) also have been done without careful thought; just to suit the interests of the political party, in power, seems to have been the raison de' tre!

The Congress party's latest gimmick that it will ensure 'job reservations' in the private sector, should it be voted back to power, announced by none other than Rahul Gandhi is worthy of condemnation outright. It's to be nipped in the bud and it's my opinion that the existing reservations on the basis of caste be dumped and perhaps, reservations based on the economic status of an individual be considered in lieu. Otherwise, the beneficiaries could be the real privileged ones for example, the children of Ram Vlilas Paswan, a dalit but economically well off and his wife, a brahmin! It just isn't fair!!


1. Film actress Nanda, who'd given many memorable performances on the Hindi movie silver screen, had passed into the mist of time this morning after a massive heart attack. RIP, Nanda. You shall continue to live on in our hearts for the years to come, through the characters that you'd portrayed!

2. Finally, after an agonising wait, it has been officially announced by the Malaysian authorities that the flight MH 370 had ended somewhere in the inhospitable seas of the southern corridor of the Indian Ocean, roughly about 2,500 km from Perth, Australia.


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