Sunday, March 30, 2014

My follies of the day!

I'm prone to making a number of errors these days and what embarrasses me most is that many of them are due to sheer forgetfulness. Is Alzheimer's approaching? Or is it that most of us go through this process on a regular basis? But suffice to note that many of my missteps bring mirthful laughter when I go through them, later at leisure and especially, when I try to justify them. Without much ado, let me go through my follies of the day:-

  (a) The missed morning walk.

   I'd got up around a half past three to go round the corner and after satisfying myself that I'd a good couple
   of hours to wake up for my morning work out, I'd knocked off in deep slumber. And when I woke up
   much after 6, it's daylight and had to rush to switch off the external lights which looked really out of place!
   It also meant shoddiness on my part apart from the fact that it would inflate the month's electricity bill. I'd
   also come to the conclusion that it would be too late for my walk as the heat was beginning to be felt and
   consequently, decided to skip it satisfying myself that it was a Sunday, after all!! I could afford to go easy
   on the exercising bit.

          *                                            *                                           *

  (b) Reciting the morning prayers like a stuck record.

   I'd earlier said on this forum that I recite my prayers - the Vishnu sahasranama sthothram' - without fail
   every morning. The verses are deeply embedded in a part of my brain but they turn out to be blank when
   my concentration gets affected by some other(?) thoughts or even due to an innocuous distraction like a
   phone call or a query of a passerby. This morning I'd the privilege of repeating the prayers about four
   times and was damn angry with myself!

          *                                             *                                           *

   (c) My games with the water motor to fill up the overhead tank.

    In fact, this invariably has two parts and they take place with a remarkable regularity which are:-
        (i) Washing down the house. After switching on the motor, I've this funny habit of latching on to yet
             another job which I'm sure could be juggled well, but end up with being unable to keep tab on
             either resulting in overflow - my weak alibi being that I was trying to wash down the terrace which
             was dirty! ......Washing down every third day?

        (ii) Flooding the lawn. Mexican grass has been laid on a small patch of land around the well in the
             courtyard. After watering the patch, by turning a couple of valves, the water from the well can be
             diverted into the overhead tank. Quite often, the turning of the valves gets conveniently forgotten
             resulting in the flooding of the patch which begins to resemble the submerged paddy fields of  
             Kuttanad during monsoons!

           *                                            *                                           *

     (d) The parking of the car.

      I'd to make a visit to the nearby department store to buy grocery as well as some fruits from a
      frequented vendor. The car has to be parked a bit far away from the shops and I'd forgotten to lock
      the vehicle. Worried about the unlocked car, I end up leaving a pack of grapes at the shop which,
      to my misfortune, I realise only after I park my car on the porch and had switched off the ignition!


There, I suppose, you now understand my predicament. ..........And I end up getting angry with myself!


I seem to have missed the real one....the actual reason for this story. A few weeks back, Lekha's dad had come to visit her at the hospital. During the interaction, I'd registered that his 'saarthi', Maari's seventh wedding anniversary was on the 30th and as is my won't, I'd noted it in my diary so that I didn't miss out on the date at any cost. And therefore, I'd prompted Lekha in giving him an early morning call so that we could surprise him and got surprised instead!

His WA was on the 07th of Mar. How I'd registered the date as 30th is something that even I can't understand! Is it an ENT specialist's problem?     

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