Monday, March 31, 2014

This isn't the way!

The Mercury has been rising steadily, the heat has gotten to be oppressive and the water table is tending to shrink at an alarming rate. I really feel bad to see workers, braving the heat, to work on the agricultural fields, on the constructional sites and on the railway tracks! They've to go through the hardship for earning their daily bread and butter and have no other choice.

Meanwhile, the electioneering has also attained fever pitch. Politicians throw no-holds-barred-punches, trade invective that border on the bizarre and pour out statistics that are not verifiable. In fact, at times, while viewing them on debates, beamed in by the television, their viciousness seems to be so lethal, so dirty. Neither civility nor propriety seem to be in their minds because I've this sneaky feeling that many of the lower minions follow this track to impress their 'leaders', who've anyways shed them a long while back.

Winning an election is important but it's fighting on issues rather than taking it on to personal levels that's the sine qua non of an election well fought. It should never be forgotten that the treasury benches, along with a responsible opposition, that is needed to work together in Parliament - post elections - to bring about fruition of good policies and meaningful legislation in providing efficient governance to the people who've voted them in.

But from what one sees is going on, the mudslinging has reached such a nadir that one wonders whether they can ever work together, after having made the allegations and counter allegations.

To all the participants, this is an earnest request by a patriotic citizen. "Shun personal slang matches, tell us your USP and your ideas to make this country strong and prosperous. We know where each one of you stand and leave the decision making to us - rest, assured our vote will be for the best man".


The BJP, which was till not very long back a political untouchable to many, seems to have come a long way in eager supporters wanting to clamber onto their juggernaut and they've managed seemingly impossible coalition partnerships in say, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. So much in glee at the changed fortunes, they seem to have made quite a few wrong moves in getting people like Muthalik and Sabir Ali in, only to dump them like hot potatoes the moment the backlash had acquired tremendous proportions!           

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