Thursday, March 20, 2014

RIP, Mr Khushwant Singh.

One of the most well known Indians, Mr Khushwant Singh passed into the mist of time today. He was all of 99 yrs and had succumbed to old age related medical problems. The entire media is covering the life and works of the great author and satirist and if I were to write anything, it would amount to carrying coal to Newcastle! And hence, I desist.

But I must tell you as to how and why he'd touched me deep within. I was an avid reader of the Illustrated Weekly of India, during his reign as its editor. The magazine was interesting and readable without a bar on age. It had a variety of articles that were always taut and very, very contemporary. And somewhere in the late '70s, when he was given the unceremonious boot, the magazine had begun its downward slide but my fervour to read it had diminished simply because it did not have the 'bums and tits' touch - that was what his critics used to say - of the maestro.

The other was the witty column, 'With Malice Towards One And All' that I used to love for its crisp narratives that were well peppered anecdotes, laced with an easygoing humour.

And his book, 'Delhi' where the first page itself had taken on the typical twang of the 'desi' service provider with his 'hotel-wotel', 'taxi-waxi' and other usages, made it a lovable read and had his brand of humour all over.

RIP, Mr Khushwant Singh. My prayers and salute to a gentleman with a fantastic sense of humour.


The void left by his passing away can never be filled. Ever!


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