Monday, March 24, 2014

Lekha's first steps!

After over a month since Lekha was admitted at the hospital and an almost three weeks' stint on a wheelchair, today was the day of the reckoning as per the doctor. She'd to begin using her left leg! The first few steps were unsteady and to put it in her words, "It was pins and needles all over the sole with a hesitation on the part of the leg to take the weight".

To me, it was like teaching her to walk all over again! And I'd again devised an easy form of an exercise for her leg to get accustomed to its primary duty without putting too much of pressure on the newly grafted skin. After drawing away the chairs towards the wall, she was made to go round and round the dining table to familiarise with the art of locomotion to fine tune the accompanying smoothness of gait.

I guess it's gonna take some time but I sincerely hope that she'd be able to walk up to her doctor when we meet him this Saturday, for review.

A few of the scenes took me back in time when she'd come out of the 'lateral foot drop' stage, consequent to a debilitating attack of the SLE. She'd to go through an intense regimen of physiotherapy - for almost six months - to regain her locomotive ability. She was taught to walk and use her hands yet again. The limbs had undergone atrophy because of their non usage for a prolonged period. They'd to regain strength before being put to use and the doctors, along with the physiotherapists, did a marvelous job.

We shall eternally remain thankful to all of them!


Certain events, in life, have a way of coming back again and again, huh!


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