Saturday, March 22, 2014

News round up.

Another hectic week has passed by. Poll rhetoric has reached shriller decibels with absurdity in content. Negative canvasing is on in full swing - more about that later. So, without much ado, here I go:-

 (a) Another find.

  A Chinese satellite has registered a fairly huge floating object(about 22m x 13m), believed to be a part
  of the wreckage of the Malaysian flight MH 370, in the southern Indian Ocean area pinpointed around
  2,500 km south west off the Australian city of Perth. The ships of the various navies are making a beeline
  for the spot in an effort to intensify the search.

  Hope this time there's some solid evidence! Meanwhile, joining the relatives of the passengers in their
  relentless vigil with prayers!!

  (b) Poll rhetoric.

   The news channels are busy covering the run-up-to-the-polls scenario which borders on the absurd, at
   times, with almost every third person becoming a turncoat trying to latch on to the winning(Are they so
   sure, already?) juggernaut of the Modi band wagon. I've a couple of questions for these people - a la
   Arnab Goswami - to answer:-

      (i) Why did you, till yesterday, subscribe to the view that his hands were tainted by the Gujarat riots
           of 2002? Weren't you, then, part of a well orchestrated move to keep an able administrator down?
     (ii) By your jumping the bandwagon, does the common man take it that the charges were trumped up
          by the Congress and its allies for sticking on to power?

    And the latest from Salman Khurshid is that the RSS workers had distributed sweets on Gandhiji's
    assassination. If that be so, since your party was in power the longest after India had attained
    independence why didn't you ban the outfit and obliterate it by now? For heaven's sake, do not twist
    history for scoring brownie points. Does the common man again take it that you've no achievements
    to tom tom about and that's why you're on to negative campaigning? And also understand the simple
    fact that the first time voters of these elections do not get side tracked by history because what they need
    is new jobs and the connected opportunities!

   (c) A welcome decision, but at what cost?

    The Catholic church's Kothamangalam diocese has prevailed upon the management of the Newman
    College in Thodupuzha to reinduct Prof TJ Joseph, with immediate effect, so that the gentleman would
    be entitled to pension benefits when he retires by the end of the month. A welcome action, I must say,
    by the guilt ridden church.

    But at what cost? The unfortunate suicide of the professor's wife? I thought that the religious outfits were
    the repositories of compassion!


The word 'Okay' is 175 years old. As per the Oxford Dictionary, OK is an abbreviated form of "Orl Korrekt" - a derivative of 'all correct' from the 1830s when jocular misspellings were the order of the day
and the 'in thing'.

Well, whatever be its evolution, I shudder to think as to what I'd have done without this easily usable word that seems to fit every occasion.

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