Saturday, March 1, 2014

These guys have real thick skin!

I was watching prime time television this evening and almost all the news channels were covering the manner in which Sahara's Subrata Roy was being taken into custody by the Uttar Pradesh police after much dithering and their initial report about the guy being untraceable!

There were references about a general lack of enthusiasm in the establishment which has shown an impotent weariness even to touch(?) the Sahara owner. What clout of his was being alluded to? Or is it that he has so much influence across the entire political spectrum that they've been reduced to being his puppets?

What needs to be understood is that his wrongdoings have been taken note of by the highest court of the land and has directed that further legal proceedings be initiated against him for duping lakhs of small time investors to the tune of Rs. 24,000 crores! In other words, despite his 'connections' and all his shenanigans, the law has finally caught up with him!!

But what amused me was the way he courted arrest - he'd come chauffeur driven in an Audi and was dressed in a three piece suit. What was he trying to convey? That he's lily-white clean and all these accusations of fraud - which the courts have confirmed - against him are baseless?

What makes people like him defy the laws of the land, strut around as though they're beyond all these - which are basically meant for us, commoners - and literally cock a snook at the system?


It's disgusting to see people like him mock the system and get away with murder, literally! He, indeed, has a thick hide!! And doesn't he have anything known as conscience to which only he alone is answerable?       

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