Friday, February 28, 2014

A day that kept me on my toes.

Lekha was primed for an early surgery this morning. Accordingly, I'd woken her up at 5 AM as she wanted to go through her morning ablutions including the customary bath - and to put it in her words, "So that the next few days of no bath sessions can be sorted out to an extent!" A morning cup of tea at 6 was permitted by her doctor and he did tell me that he was gonna perform the surgery under local anesthesia.

By 9, she was taken to the surgical operation theater which was in the adjacent block but what I remember about the migration was that the nursing staff-at-hand and me had to guide Lekha, on a wheelchair, through the upward and the downward gradients of the long corridors. A couple of lifts, enroute, proved handy but the entire 'operation' did take a while.

The businesslike behaviour of the doctors and the nursing staff, at times, makes one wonder as to whether they're devoid of any emotions. But what needs to be understood is that each is playing his/her part in the larger scheme of trying to save lives or setting right the wrongs of a human being through medical means - and in that process, there's no space for sentiments! But comic interludes prevail as a result.

To let you on one such incident, a nurse at the operation theater had called out for me - my personality has morphed into being Lekha's bystander over the last week and the designation shall continue till she walks out of the hospital, as I reckon and have no problems on that score - to thrust a large list of medicines/wound dressers to be fetched from one of the in-house dispensaries and I'd immediately darted away to do the needful lest the surgery got delayed because of my tardiness. During my absence, another set of nursing staff had called out for me for helping to negotiate a post operative Lekha-by-now-on-a-stretcher back to her room and were annoyed that I was missing! Much later, after I'd deposited the stuff from the dispensary at the operation theater and was explaining the reasons for my absence did one exclaim, "Oh, that stupid sister is so impatient. Those medicines and accessories were replacements for the expended ones. She has a penchant for making people run around and seems to derive a vicarious pleasure in doing so!"

The time was a few minutes short of 10 and Lekha was back in her room, post surgery, taking calls on her cellphone!


1. She isn't supposed to use her leg-in-the-cast for the next few days and therefore, going to the attached restroom, is an evolution by itself and I must confess that I can be very, very clumsy on such duties! As of now, she's been taken for the Oxygen therapy, while I punch in these thoughts of mine.

2. There never seems to be a dull moment. Ever!


By the end of the day my toes were aching. I was on them for the whole day, you see!

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