Thursday, February 27, 2014

Distasteful and absolutely disgusting!

Saw some of our so called 'worthies' come out with their true colours on prime time television. What drives them to such unacceptable behaviour? If they cannot display civilised and acceptable behaviour, it's high time that they confined themselves to the four walls of their homes and we're neither interested in seeing nor hearing them.

Let me take you through the paces of the unacceptable behaviour:-

 (a) Salman Khurshid on Narendra Modi.

  He calls him 'impotent'. Till now we've been repeatedly told by the political establishment - mainly
  the Congress party and its allies - ably supported by the media, that the 2002 riots of Gujarat was
  aided and abetted by the chief minister and his team. And now, Khurshid is playing an altogether   
  different tune and wants us to believe this story of his. While questioning the all round development
  of the state, he says that Modi is impotent because he couldn't bring the riots under control.

  If that be the case, what prevents us from labelling Khurshid so in his avatar as the foreign minister,
  because he has failed to take any initiative to prevent the numerous Chinese incursions on our
  borders with that country?

  (b) Retired Vice Admiral PJ Jacob on Retired Commodore CU Bhaskar.

   He says that he's incompetent to talk on naval affairs. And he cites the lack of sea time of the
   Commodore! It was a sad and uncalled for comment that smacked of arrogance and definitely, not
   befitting an Admiral of his age and seniority.

   The debate on the 'Times Now', on which the unsavoury comment was made, would have gone on
   a tangent but for the matured and sporting manner that the Commodore had exhibited in handling
   the moment - he just smiled and let the situation pass! What if he'd pointed his finger at the lapses
   on the part of the Vice Admiral while he was in service?


People, who've held senior and responsible positions, are expected to maintain a decorum. If they can't, they've no business to speak on our behalf. Period! 


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