Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting what I'd sought!

Finally, it had arrived in the wee hours of this morning - our grandfather clock! Its tick-tock is now yet another sound that reverberates in the house along with the chimes.

The day had begun just like any other day. I'd to get a bank account transferred to this place and had to make an amendment to the information that I'd provided yesterday - I'd reported a personal account whereas it was actually a joint one! Clumsy on my part!!

No sooner had we returned from the outing, did we get the call from the hospital that Lekha's admission for the Oxygen therapy was scheduled for tomorrow. And everything went topsy-turvy, albeit for a short while. Mom had to be reached safely at my sister's place at Palakkad and nothing seemed to be working out! I'd spoken to my sister and inquired as to whether her favourite cabbie was available to make a morning trip with my nephew accompanying the vehicle.

Half an hour later came her call saying that Santosh, who was headed towards Palakkad had been diverted to pick up mom and that he'd be fetching up within another half an hour. A knotty problem had been resolved and mom was off by a quarter to 7 and two hours later came my sister's call reporting their arrival. Strangely, everything had fallen into place as I'd wished.

Lekha's unhealing ulcer on her left foot was inherited during her comatose stage when some junior intern or the nursing staff must have punctured her while trying to fix up an intravenous infusion. That it was unsuccessful and ultimately, they'd to resort to cutting open her jugular for the purpose. And I remember that I and the doctor, along with the nursing staff, were on tenterhooks because of the knowledge that however sanitised an ICU was, infection could set in and spoil the entire outcome! I suppose god was with Lekha in her fightback!!


Lekha would be out for three weeks. It's our sincere hope that her problem would be behind her after this tenure at the hospital. 

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