Saturday, February 22, 2014

Attendant to Lekha @ hospital.

As per the existing rules of the hospital, a patient must have an attendant at all times. Since my aunt was also admitted in the same ward and she's her attendant, I was under the impression that I could take liberties to shuttle up and down from home to get small but essential work done out there.

But that was not to be as Lekha's doctor had read out the 'riot act' to me.

And so, finally by afternoon, I was at my 'temporary-home-for-the-next-three-weeks' with my overnighter, stuffed with personal effects. It's an all too alien world where a strict regimen is followed with zero tolerance to any nonsense - and rightly so, because people come here essentially to heal themselves and as a pre-requisite they need to lead a disciplined life.

What does an attendant do? Hardly anything, other than whiling away time. I've tried to live my 'normal' life by going for my walk - exploring and understanding the various activities of the hospital, reading a few light magazines and a book that I've brought along with me, watching the television and catch up on my sleep. I intend spending time with the in-house patients during my stay out here and learn more about life in the bargain.

My first impression.

It's like being in a secluded fort in which life has its own pace, while one can feel normal life going on at its frenetic pace just beyond the walls! One's reduced to being a prisoner of sorts!!


The strong smell of carbolic soap and phenyl is all pervading, accentuating the fact that one's in an intensely governed medical environment - shorn of all niceties, the hospital. 

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