Monday, February 17, 2014

Sandhya, you need to be careful!

A bad day for Sandhya! And its cause was your's truly!!

We'd started off on our return trip by a half past 7, in the morning. After dropping my sister and niece at Kottarakkara, I'd opted for our oft repeated route, northward, via Kayankulam. The going was smooth and I could maintain a comfortable speed as the traffic was not heavy, despite it being a Monday morning!

I didn't see this young lady closing in on me as I was slowing down at an intersection and was looking ahead to take stock of the vehicles crossing. Three things happened, one after the other:-

           (a) knocking sounds were heard on the left side of my Chevy.
           (b) the left rear view mirror snapped shut in the secure position and
           (c) Lekha tells me, with anguish, that a motorist had been knocked down.

I'd quickly stopped the car and rushed out to see the extent of the damage caused by me. A Kinetic Honda was lying on the road and its rider was standing beside it uttering to the crowd - that had begun to swell - and also had the policeman on duty, that she was okay and that she'd no complaint against me! A guy in the crowd asked me to provide her with 'fast aid' and he looked very menacing.

I, then, spoke to the lady. She must be in her late 20s, looked shaken, showed me the superficial wounds on her right elbow repeating that she was okay when I'd offered to take her to the nearby hospital for medical attention. In the meanwhile, I'd taken a piece of paper, torn off from the policeman's pocket book, wrote down my name and contact number and handed it over to the lady. "Sandhya", she'd said when I'd inquired about her name and she was smiling, confusing me as to how I should react. I, then, apologised to her for ruining her day. And I think I heard someone in the crowd saying quite audibly, "He's knocked her down and look at her, she's smiling at him"! Did I smell a hint of jealousy?

It was then that a gentleman in the crowd had come around to explain the sequence of events leading to the accident. She'd begun to turn to the right, without switching on her two-wheeler's indicator and had literally run into my car. Probably, she'd not heard my vehicle noiselessly coming beside her! And with finale, he'd said, "Sir, she was in the wrong".

I'd picked up a few friends(?) from among the crowd including the policeman by then, I suppose, because of my handing over my personal particulars readily.

We'd then proceeded on our journey but I was unhappy about the black marks on my Chevy's body - it calls for another visit to the mechanic!


Apologies, Sandhya for having caused you discomfort. I'm glad that you'd come out of it, literally, with just a scratch! But you need to be more careful while you're on the road!!       

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