Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The same old story!

A round up of a couple of news items that have grabbed the eyeballs and I can't believe that the administrators had neither anticipated these events nor the subsequent reactions:-

 (a) No water to drink.

      Summer is fast approaching and the depleted water tables have not been able to provide potable water
      at many places in the state. There are places where dirty water with a foul smell flow out of the taps.
      Tired of the administrative lethargy and hollow promises, ordinary people have taken to the streets. And
      mind you, one doesn't need to be reminded that it's only mid-Feb as of now and it's a long way for

(b) Rajiv Gandhi's assassins let off.

      The three assassins of Rajiv Gandhi have been spared the gallows because of the delay in disposing off
      their mercy petitions. The argument is that they've already gone through the agony many times over and
      as is the simple rule, one can't be punished for the same crime, twice. The inordinate delays have been
      the handiwork of political machinations.

      Is it fair on poor Rajiv Gandhi who'd met with a gruesome end? And now the politicians want them to be freed too! Again, a game of cheap, opportunistic politics!!


A great farce! No one seems to bother about arriving at a lasting solution to any problem. One upmanship and smart acts seem to be the order of the day. Sad! 


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