Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why this shoddy approach?

The case against the Italian marines seem to be getting weak. Consider the following factors:-

 (a) The Indian government has informed the Supreme Court that it would not invoke the anti-piracy law, SUA - Suppression of Unlawful acts against safety of maritime navigation and fixed platforms on continental shelf Act, 2002.

 (b) The provisions of the act would have attracted mandatory death penalty against the two Italian marines who'd killed two Indian fishermen in Feb '12. They'd have to stand trial under criminal laws for alleged murder.

 (c) And Italy hasn't wasted a moment. Having extricated its naval personnel, it's requested the court to close the case against the marines claiming that in the absence of SUA charges, the specialised anti-terror probe outfit, the National Investigating Agency(NIA) was legally debarred from investigating the case.

 (d) After recording the Indian government's statement that SUA charges would not be mentioned in
the charge-sheet, the bench referred the NIA's jurisdiction issue to a three judge bench. After Italy files the application, the Indian government will reply to it in a week and the matter will be heard after three weeks.

My take.

There seems to be a lack of sincerity on our part to go through the trial of the Italian marines and take it to its logical conclusion. Why have we let delays plague such an important case? Are we hesitating to take the right action for fear of Italy's reactions? Sad!


It would be in our national interest to take the right action. Consequently, it's important that the case is taken to its logical conclusion. Let no one reign free in our waters because our fishermen are no cannon fodder!

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