Friday, February 21, 2014

A quiet evening!

The day witnessed me meeting deadlines, one after the other so that Lekha's admission into the hospital was smooth. First, it was to get her medical papers with the right endorsements from the polyclinic at Kunnamkulam. Thereafter, it was at the front office of the hospital and thankfully, everyone was helpful and by a quarter to 12, the entire process was over.

And at 1330h, she was subjected to her first session of the 'Oxygen treatment' - she was put into a glass chamber into which pure Oxygen, at 1.5 to 2 atmospheres, was pumped for a duration of an hour and fifteen minutes. These sessions are gonna continue everyday, except Sundays, to speed up the healing of the ulcer after which the skin grafting would be done. And three weeks is the anticipated duration of the entire treatment.

I'd reached home a trifle after sunset, on ensuring that everything was streamlined at the hospital for her stay. After attending to a few pending work, it was music time and I'd begun with my favourite, Neil Diamond album. Didn't get to know as to how time had passed but as I turned into bed at a half past 11, there was a tremendous sense of satisfaction at the way things had passed for the day.


My aunt, who's already admitted into the same ward, seemed to be happy that she'd be getting to see us everyday.   

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