Sunday, February 23, 2014

My aunt's not so positive outlook.

As I'd recounted earlier, my aunt who's diabetic, has been in this hospital for the last 45 days. The two small toes of her left leg have been removed. Under normal circumstances, things should have been okay and she would have walked out of the hospital by now. But, in her case, the pain lingers on much to her discomfort and at times, it's unbearable for her. And there are reasons for it.

My cousin had advised the doctor that the surgical removal of the affected parts should be kept to the barest minimum as her mom would find it difficult to take it in her stride. And the good doctor - as he'd confessed to me later - let the patient's emotions take charge of his professional thinking for the first time. I was livid with my cousin because I'm of the opinion that the professionals must be given a free hand at their decision making, failing which their thinking can get muddled.

This afternoon, while I was sitting at my aunt's bedside - she's going through another spasm of pain - I'd told her that we all ought to leave the hospital within the next three weeks and I was sure that she'd heal well before that. But her looks betrayed her innermost thoughts. She didn't seem to be convinced about the deadline despite the fact that she's gone on record saying that she'd believe anything that I'd tell her. I'd like to believe that it was a fleeting thought that had come about because of the pain and would pass on to more positive oriented thinking.

The doctor, meanwhile, has decided to take a wholesome review of my aunt's case tomorrow and think of a mid-course correction, if needed. I'm sure that things are gonna go well....they ought to!


Her second daughter - with whom she's quite attached - will be coming to look her up tomorrow, for the first time since her hospitalisation. Hope that the visit invigorates her! 

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