Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a shame?

The second installment of the highly popular show 'Satyameva Jayathe' has been aired on the previous two Sundays. From the TRP feedback, it's amply evident that it continues to attract a wide viewership. Aamir Khan, as its host, has been highly successful in bringing to fore issues that have a social relevance. But by doing so he seems to have made a lot of enemies.

After the second episode that was telecast last Sunday, he has been savaged on the social media, Facebook. The charge against him, that's doing the rounds, is that he gets a high fee as remuneration for hosting this show which he uses for his narrow needs - as donations to an NGO, based at Calcutta, for the construction of a mosque! A story that doesn't stand scrutiny because he's not that dumb to do an outrageous thing like that. But using half truths and innuendos has become the order of the wily few to sow the seeds of confusion in people's minds!!And that aim seems to have been achieved!!!

Sad! When a person is doing something commendable and especially, towards the larger good of the people, his/her efforts must be lauded. If one doesn't want to do it, so be it. Keep away from it. But to hit below the belt and to throw muck around is cowardice.

Who's behind all this? An individual or a syndicate? And why? Is it out of pure jealousy at the stupendous success of the programme? Or is it because of the fact that the general public has been able to validate the persistent ills of the society that they have always doubted? And hence, the affected section is hitting back!?

To the perpetrators of the smear campaign, I've a question. If the details are available, why aren't the facts being laid bare so that the law can take its rightful course? Since that's not forthcoming, the veracity of the allegations will be hard to digest.


Reminds me of the story of the Indian crab! One can rest, assured, that it will never come out of captivity and even if there's an enterprising one who almost manages to crab its way to freedom, it's pulled back into captivity, by its own brethren!!

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