Monday, March 10, 2014

My cousin's mom.

I'm gonna talk about my cousin's mom who's completed over two months' stay at the hospital. She's, as I'd said earlier, all of 78 yrs, badly diabetic - the last two small toes of her left foot were removed during her stay - and still suffers from severe pain on that leg. There were a few factors that have contributed to the present impasse:-

  (a) my cousin had told the doctor that only the barest minimum affected parts should be removed
       because her mom wouldn't be able to come to terms with the loss which would bring
       unnecessary psychological complications .
  (b) the doctor - as he'd confessed to me later - had gone against his professional inkling and gone
        by my cousin's inputs as he too had observed my aunt to be quite a difficult patient.
  (c) there are blocks in her veins that prevent a free blood flow to her limbs.

And after the Oxygen therapy for almost two months, the Oxygen levels in her leg have gone up from 10% to a mere 17% which is worrisome. A decision has now been reached to take a break from the present medical management. Accordingly, she's being taken back to Kochi this Wednesday and an attempt at management by ayurvedic treatment with a doctor - who's known to have cured similar cases in the past - is gonna be made.

Today, while I was spending my late afternoon hours with her - which has become my routine after having come into the hospital - she did open up to me, the gist of which are as follows:-

   (a) it's premature to leave this place without the pain having been brought under control.
   (b) she admits that she's dithering and wavering on issues but somehow, feels that she no more has 
        the confidence as to whether she'd last out.
   (c) they take decisions for and about her without even keeping her informed and
   (d) she feels comfortable now that I'm around with her!

I'd told her then that going back to Kochi was just for a break and that she could always return if things didn't work out well at that end. I've also apprised my cousin of this development but I tend to agree with her counterpoint that there's no harm in trying out the new course since the present one seems to have hit a roadblock!


At times, in one's life, one comes across occasions when one's totally at a loss regarding the choice of the right option out of the many that would be available. I hope that we're doing the right thing!


Though I've chosen the heading for this piece as 'My cousin's mom', she's my aunt after all, though a step removed as she's related through marriage of an aunt of mine into her family.   



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