Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A case of intolerance?

Unknown people had attacked the head office and the residence of Ravi Deecee, the CEO of DC Books on Monday night, reportedly over the release of the book, "Amrithanandamayi Madom : Oru Sanyasiniyude Velipeduthalukal"(Amrithanandamayi Math : A Sanyasin's Revelations).

The incident had actually begun earlier in the day when two persons had visited an outlet of DC Books, bought a couple of copies of the said book and tore them to pieces within the premises, soon after. The stone pelting at the proprietor's house took place around 2230 h by motor cycle riding miscreants who'd sped away soon after.

The 'math' had come under intense scrutiny when an interview with a foreign ex-devotee was aired on one of the Malayalam news channels. During the interview, the lady had gone onto say as to how she was sexually exploited by the number two man in the hierarchy and about the other sordid goings on within its premises. Predictably, there were instant reactions from the public for and against the 'math'. A few of the ardent supporters of the 'Amma' like film actor, Mohanlal, had come out openly in support of the math, citing the numerous charitable activities that the organisation has been doing for the well being of the society.

My take.

There would be differing opinions among the people about anything and everything. In this specific case, it's because of the fact that there's a large percentage of the population who view 'godmen' as ushers to god and seriously wonder about their relevance especially, when they're convinced that they don't require ushers to attain their god!        

And it's incumbent upon the organisation to remove the mistrust that has been generated by the young lady's revelations. Acts like those of the miscreants smack of cowardice! It's possible that the organisation had come to know of the mischief, much after it had been committed but perceptions are such that a needle of suspicion point towards it.

The math has been doing a lot of yeoman service for the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden in society. Its contributions in the field of education and healthcare are notable and praiseworthy. Here's hoping that the math is able to clear itself off the allegations and continue to do its welfare activities, targeting larger sections of the needy!


Came across a lovely saying and I quote,

    "If you're depressed,
        you're living in the past.

     If you're anxious,
        you're living in the future.

     If you're at peace,
        you're living in the present".

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