Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A botch up or deliberate clumsiness?

Ex-Naval officer Ravishankaran, of the infamous Naval war room leak case, has come back to haunt the collective conscience of this country. A London court has found that there's no hard evidence against the individual that calls for his extradition to India!

Isn't that a laugh? Firstly, he seems to have had a free access into the 'high security zone' of the defence forces. Secondly, he'd collected information that covered the canvas of national security for the use of economic activity! He, being the nephew of the then naval chief's wife and himself, being an ex-serviceman, must have naturally opened forbidden doors for him. And one can never forget that chief's statement made through one of his articles, soon after the scam had broken out and I quote, "One has no control over the relationships one acquires through marriage!" What had forced him to disown his near and dear ones, one wondered then.

On initial reading of the fiasco, it's abundantly clear that the CBI - that's handling the matter - has botched up the case, in that, it had not made its case fool proof and strong enough to bring about his extradition. It's this fact that's absolutely difficult to digest because the government would have come down upon it like a ton of bricks for a grave mistake made on the turf of national security. Since that doesn't seem to have happened, were there any other consideration?

It's one's fond hope that the error is corrected forthwith and Ravishankaran brought back to the country, so that the law of the land takes over and delivers speedy justice.


On a personal level, I feel sad that he was a first termer when I was a member of the Directing Staff at the NDA. Where had one gone wrong in drilling into him and his course mates, the Academy's credo of ' Service before self'?  

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