Monday, April 28, 2014

A flash shutdown.

Thrissur district woke up to a shutdown because of a 'hartal' called by a group called the Hindu Aikyavedi that had the blessings of the local BJP unit!

So, a Monday that was supposed to be packed with activity turned out to be a damp squib. Vehicles did not ply on the roads fearing retribution from some misguided youth or even miscreants that take advantage of such situations. Most of the shops were shuttered except for the ones within the inner circle of the Guruvayur temple and therefore, commerce was non existent. And what was it all for?

A misunderstanding over the taking out of a procession by a church as part of its festivities. Was there a mischief in deliberately bringing about a mismatch of ideas over the issue? One will never know till the reasons are identified and analysed which is gonna take its own time. Imagine the terrible consequences to the general public who must have scheduled a lot of activities for the day to helplessly watch the initiative being wrested from their hands and opportunity being frittered away due to an ill timed, wrong decision.

On a personal level, the servicing agency had called up to say that they weren't working and that I would have to collect my car tomorrow. However, the boys had come to clean up the overhead filter of the water tank and clear up the garden that were tied up a few days back. When queried, they said that they couldn't stay away from getting their daily earnings just because of someone's stupid directive to strike work! I'd complimented them for their bold decision because I was aware that they're taking a tremendous risk of being labelled as 'turncoats' and subjected to all kinds of retaliatory tactics by the perpetrators of the strike if they're to come to know about their venture.


Due to a slight drizzle in the wee hours of the morning, the day was unbearably sultry and hot to add to the misery brought about by the strike. What a waste of a day?

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