Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This man needs to be booted out of electoral politics forever.

I'd watched the 'Newshour' of last evening and again at 2100h, this evening on the Times Now channel. It was preposterous to hear Mohammed Azam Khan, a minister of the Uttar Pradesh cabinet, tell at a public meeting that the Kargil war was won by the Muslims alone.

Now, one can reach any level of desperation for votes and resort to gimmicks, but to make it at the expense of martyred soldiers can never be accepted, can never be tolerated and can never be endorsed. Apologists for the coward - yes, that's the term that I'd like to use for the man and mind you, this is not the first time that he's said atrocious things and got away - might say that he'd uttered them in the heat of the moment. If, as a senior politician, he's unable to keep his emotions and utterances under check, he should be kicked out of the political arena - the earlier, the better. Unfortunately, his party bosses bank on him thanks to the vote bank politics that they're playing.

For him, it's become a habit and what he's actually doing is to time and again, mock at the institutions which he feels won't dare to 'touch'(?) him because of his religion. He's deliberately hidden the apolitical fabric of our armed forces where all religions or faiths are respected and practised as though it's the most logical and natural thing to do.

What I'm amazed about the man is that he's won election after election without any achievement at governance to his credit but for his rhetoric and crass condemnation of the others. Are the voters of his constituency oblivious of his shenanigans? Why do they let a crass guy like him take them for a ride again and again?

Even after the massive backlash over his statement regarding the Kargil war, he's not apologised to the near and dear ones of the martyrs, the armed forces and his countrymen, strictly in that order. Hope he does it without further delay and subsequently, he needs to be booted out forever! There's no other alternative!! Venomous guys like him cannot be offered the responsibility of deciding upon the country's future in Parliament.


The day was quite peaceful and quiet with the expected anticipation of the elections tomorrow. In fact, the usual noise that's prevalent all around was conspicuously absent.        

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