Friday, April 4, 2014

A pure breed!

Aswin, my nephew, has been with us for the past couple of days as I'd mentioned earlier. He's going through a spate of interviews and tests towards picking up his dream job.

Whenever he comes into my field of thoughts, I'm always impressed by the way he conducts himself, his tremendous passion to assimilate the nuances of life, his ability to laugh at himself and above all, his clear-headed aim of wanting to become a space scientist. With his single minded pursuit, I'm sure he'd succeed in his endeavour and my prayers and wishes shall always be with him.

He's like a young bird, having learnt to fly, poised to take off into the wide, wild world. These times that he spends with us are gonna reduce when he embarks upon his career and more importantly, on a life of his own. Then, perhaps, his parents and all the rest of us would look forward to him finding time for us - a situation that depends on how much he prefers spending his time with us. And if he's been silently suffering my company because of family compulsions, the outcome would not be very difficult to understand! Having said that, I'd like to believe that he endorses me and my idiosyncrasies.

I've tried to compare myself - when I was his age - with him and have always come a cropper. His clarity of thought, despite the exuberance and idealism of age, is remarkable on various issues. He, to put it in his own words, is on a voyage of discovery about life. And his simplicity, nay lack of complexities, makes him an adorable young man. It's my fond hope that he gets everything that he wishes for in the journey of his life!

Good luck, Achu, my l'il one. May success embrace you at each stage and may you have the strength to convert adversity into opportunity to do even better to come out with flying colours!


Recapitulating my own life, I wonder what my mom and dad might have felt when I'd asked them on my first vacation from school while studying in class VII, "Don't you like me? Why did you've to send me into a boarding school?"      

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