Sunday, April 27, 2014

A few more queries.

As the election juggernaut rolls into its final phases, there's a lot of heat and pyrotechnics being generated every day by the utterances of wayward politicians and my queries flow from them. I wonder as to how some of those narrow minded politicians can serve us as impartial parliamentarians and bring about legislative efforts towards the benefit of the people at large. Sample a few and it doesn't require much common sense to realise that many of them do not even have the wherewithal to think rationally. Probably, they form the rabble rousers of the political parties for perpetuating all sorts of gimmickry, within the confines of the parliament where they enjoy immunity, when the chips are down!

And mind you, not a single political party is free from this malaise. Money power has played out at the hustings and muscle power dictates subsequently. Let's see a few of those faces of notoriety:-

   (a) Giriraj Singh.

         When he made those outrageous remarks against the Muslims, why didn't Modi who was at the dais
         stop him from making that hate speech? Though his subsequent statement asked the party men to
         refrain from such narrow minded thoughts, the damage was done. Does it mean that he - the prime
         ministerial candidate - is bound by restrictions? Wouldn't it affect his subsequent performance? Can
         he, then provide good governance which has been his constant refrain?

   (b) Farooq Abdulla.

        He's had a unique place in Indian politics simply by virtue of the family that he comes from which was
        close to the first family, since Nehru's days. Since he's currently a minister in the union cabinet, his
        call for those who vote for Modi to drown themselves in the ocean, were uncalled for. Does it mean
        that he, till now as a minister, been only for those who supported him and his cronies, the fact that he's
        not an administrative wonder, not withstanding!

   (c) Priyanka's barbs and Modi's counters.

        While the mud slinging on each other has gone on to shriller decibels, the actual problems of bad
         governance or a complete paralysis of governance, corruption, dilution of constitutional institutions,
         an inadequacy of foreign policy initiatives and other important problem areas have been tucked
         away. Wonder whom it benefits and why?

   (d) Manmohan Singh's angst.

        Why does he've to be apologetic about his half-brother becoming a BJP member? One cannot
        dictate the political preferences of one's family members. There are many political families that have
        their members spread across evenly between the treasury benches and the opposition so that they
        enjoy the best of both - a shameless situation and the singular reason for many of the corrupt guys
        evading the law, for years. Why hasn't anyone of the Congress come to defend its PM, on the issue,
        while there was a chorus to defend Rahul vs Varun?

Strange! My queries seem to be simply multiplying when I see the hypocrisy at play in our political system.


We've travelled through a month of the summer with the accompaniment of the din of politics. The 16th of May seems to be at a tantalising distance now. Let it usher in a welcome change in attitudes and the way we play politics from now on.    

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