Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A couple of points.

Finally, the morning had arrived when I could pick up my Chevy from the service station. After a hurried breakfast, I'd an autorickshaw drop me at the spot from where I could board a private bus to cover the ten kilometers to my destination. Kindness begets kindness, so when I'd offered my seat to an elderly gentleman - badly shaking due to nicotine tremours - a college going kid offered me his seat. Damn sweet of him!

The stay at the servicing station was for an hour and I saw my Chevy being washed down, dried, rubbed and polished before the handing over. As I went about the list of defects that I'd wanted them to liquidate, guys might have considered me to be a real fussy guy - but, what the hell one's entitled to ensure that one gets the best bang for the buck! In that department, Manikandan, the technical advisor and Prasobh, the service advisor had done a meticulous job.

Driving back, hence, was pure ecstasy. My Chevy was blemish less for a change! God, one did wait for the situation for a fairly long time!! Tomorrow, we're off to Kottarakkara to attend an official function and the whole family is gonna conglomerate with my younger sister being down from Bangalore on vacation. There are quite a few things that I hope to achieve during the trip.

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The afternoon siesta had to be shelved. Mom had to be taken to the Eye specialist, who sees patients twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in our immediate neighbourhood. Mom has been complaining of a diminishing sight on her right eye combined with an egress of tears when she concentrates on the television or while reading. She was driven to the clinic, though the distance was a mere 50 mts, because she finds it difficult to walk even such short distances, at a stretch.

The pre-checks had confirmed that there wasn't any need to change her glasses. The doctor has, however, said that she has a thin, white film over her right eye and has referred my mom to another doctor for laser treatment - she's had the cataract surgery performed on both her eyes in a reputed hospital, at Kochi, in May '11 - and she has called her for a review, subsequently. My mom's a bit unhappy because she'd expected her difficulty to be solved with a few medicines like drops, ointment and the works as she's not particularly inclined for a surgery - however, minor it's gonna be!

But what was a real spoiler was that I'd worn my footwear into the clinic while the entire lot, including the doctor, had removed them outside the entrance. I was in the wrong because frankly, I wasn't aware of the rule but I also know from my Academy days, that, 'Ignorance of orders is no excuse'! It's when we're within the safe confines of my house and my sister had pointed out the faux pas did I feel very guilty and ashamed for violating an existing rule. Why didn't the sisters in attendance correct me?



My sister, Rema and Achu had arrived by lunch time to join us for the trip tomorrow. I've been going through the interview that my nephew had recently attended in a fair amount of detail. He seems to have enjoyed it thoroughly and calls it a worthwhile experience!

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