Monday, April 21, 2014

Is there a conspiracy angle after all?

As the election process is hurtling towards its final phases and with the increasing number of wild and inflammatory speeches being made by people from almost all parties, an impartial observer like me can't avoid seeing a conspiracy in the run up to the final results. I shall try to put down the queries that have begun to disturb me as I find that there's a method in the madness.

This is notwithstanding the known fact that most of the politicians are hypocrites, have alibis to support every action of their's and will do anything to cling on to power. Let me, thus, go through the events that have taken place in these last few weeks that do not augur well:-

      (a) People like Azam Khan and Pravin Togadia have been let loose. They make outrageous statements
           and seem to be getting away with them. I can't believe that they do not have the backing of the
           political outfits that they represent? Is it to show the BJP as a party that cannot but be 
           communal especially, after exit polls predict the party of getting an impressive number of
      (b) A few of the candidates have made utterances that make the common man wonder as to what
            qualified them to get tickets of the parties to fight elections. The numbers have been more on the
            BJP's bandwagon. Is there a '160 club' within the party as per which stalwarts like Advani
            and the seniors who feel that they've been sidelined by Modi, are not looking for more than
            160 seats? They feel that they could then be back to center stage and attract partners in
            government formation who hate Modi.

      (c) Articles about Vadra's misdemeanours are being rolled out in the foreign media with a remarkable
           regularity when their Indian counterparts are comparatively quiet. Why is it so? Is there a tacit
           understanding between the two major parties that they shan't attack each other on such
           contentious issues?

One thing has become crystal clear. Narendra Modi has managed to get the spotlight on him and many people of the Congress who chose to ignore him initially have realised their blunder and have now come out against him, literally making the 2014 elections a fight between Modi and the rest!

And may the best man win!  


It's the vibrancy of the Indian democracy that's on show. We shall show the world the true meaning of 'Unity in diversity' on 16 May as the election results roll out.  

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